Our SQL Server Practice is designed to provide your team the contract skills needed to effectively use your SQL Server based slot management and player tracking system. Whether Aristocrat OASIS, Bally CMP or IGT Advantage power your Casino, we have you covered.

Today's market for highly skilled database professionals is very tight and the search can be difficult and long. On top of that, top talent is very expensive, so many smaller to mid sized operations simply cannot afford a full time person. Our services are designed to meet those needs with skilled contractors that are not only experts at SQL Server, but experts at the player tracking systems you have in place.

A recently completed project includes a SQL Server to Mailchimp interface, a SQL Server to Mandrill interface and a SQL Server to Twilio interface. These three implementations allow our customer to easily enroll a player in a Mailchimp campaign, send a player a Mandrill transactional email or send a player an SMS text. All without leaving their Player Management tool. This project now automatically processes, manages, qualifies and delivers promotions that are critical to a Casino's success but time consuming and repetitive to produce on a daily basis. 


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