Custom Apps to Enhance Efficiency and Deliver Functionality to Aristocrat OASIS, IGT Advantage, and Bally CMP. Utilizing the cutting edge Mendix 7 Platform, CasinoSoft delivers to the Casino, Hotel and Hospitality market a vast of array of customized Mobile First solutions for every single department in a Casino/Resort enterprise. No longer are workers tethered to the Promo Booth or the Host's Office or the Slot Office utilizing legacy desktop apps to process transactions and gauge what needs to be done. With Mendix and CasinoSoft, our Casino partners are leveraging the best "Low-Code" application platform on the global market today. 

Have an application that you want to have built to accelerate your Enterprise's growth and transition to a Digital future? Not a Casino? Not a problem either, we have built multiple applications for delighted customer's in various industries world wide. 

Seamlessly extend any application and Win in a software-driven world.

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