What we do.

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— Steve Jobs

PromoTrak : Promotion and Campaign Control Software to Speed Club Ops and Reduce Errors for Aristocrat OASIS

IDTrak: Scan driver's licenses, add mobile number, add email, press Done. Player enrolled in Player's Club. It's that easy. Available in both Mobile and Desktop versions. 

Custom SQL Server Work : Functionality Customization, Stored Procedures and Performance Enhancements for Aristocrat OASIS and IGT Advantage

Custom Reporting : Direct Mail, Slot Performance, Player Performance or anything at all for Aristocrat OASIS, IGT Advantage and Bally CMP

Custom Apps to Enhance Efficiency and Deliver Functionality to Aristocrat OASIS, IGT Advantage, and Bally CMP

Specializing in providing custom designed software and integration solutions to the Casino and Restricted Slot market worldwide, CasinoSoft strives with each step to exceed your expectations. Operating at the intersection of thoughtful planning and precise execution, with a keen eye for budget management and timeline control, our Team aims to deliver each and every time. With over 30 years of combined experience in the gaming industry, few other small firms bring the level of energy, innovation and creativity to each of their projects.


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